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VPluse is the market leader in Spin & Go backing

We are offering to you not just backing, but a full-fledged package of services   for servicing Spin & Go players in two formats:

one. Free backing - It is the best offer among the existing ones on the market at the moment. Most beneficial for grinders and players with very high scores.

2. Investment Backing VPluse - Today, the most favorable rate of all existing in the poker backing market. The player pays 25%, but after half a year he receives a return from the fund and thus backing will be released for only 5% . For six months, the player receives dividends for his investments as in a bank at 18% per annum in foreign currency.

For players who prefer development in disciplines Cash or MTT as well MTSNG our general partners   ready to provide you with excellent conditions for development in these areas.

Promotions from VPluse

VPluse is the market leader in Spin & Go backing in the Russian-speaking segment, so we can afford to hold poker mega-promotions. Promotions that have already passed in VPluse:
- Summer promotion - Absolutely free backing for the summer months of 2020.
- #Sididoma, #play poker - In line with the global quarantine trend, we have made discounts on backing from May to October 2020 up to 30% to encourage players to play more and not visit public places.
- Black Friday from VPluse - Discounts up to 90% from December 2019 to May 2020, subject to completing special tasks.

We are planning global promotions for the winter season 2020 - 2021. We invite players of all skill levels to cooperate!


ACCESS TO DISCORD COMMUNITY VPluse. A community of more than 300 professional players, channels on a wide variety of topics, teamwork on the game and simple communication.


PROFESSIONAL TECHNICAL SUPPORT . Fast solutions to any problems with poker software and more.


HELP OF A POKER PSYCHOLOGIST with a 50% discount. In a difficult situation, you will receive fast, qualified help - we will get rid of tilt, help with motivation and other problems. One consultation 75 minutes 1000 rub.


ACCESS TO SERVER with professional poker software simplpostflop, piosolver, cardrunnerEV, flopzilla, etc.).

FREE SHARED POOL to reduce variance.



Always up-to-date news, answers to questions and reviews can be found in our topic, on the forum: VP. Backing

If you have any questions about tariffs, contracts, please contact our contacts:
Skype - vpluseteam
Discord - Denis | Lev.Ds # 5371

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