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About professional poker and why you can earn a lot on it

POKER IS A GAME OF SKILL , in which knowledge of mathematics and the ability to use highly specialized programs always win the hope of luck. Therefore, professional players can consistently earn by playing poker. Many people think that poker is a game of chance, but it is not. Those who think so play without a strategy in the hope of luck and in the end lose all the money.

For short periods of time, luck has some effect. But in the long run, the professional will always beat the hobby player and will be in the black. We also created a tool that allows you to greatly reduce the impact of luck (variance) for professional players - this is a common pool. It is due to some influence of luck on short runs that hobby players sometimes win and think they can win more, but in the end everyone loses. And it is precisely because of the variance that poker professionals need money to play (bankroll).

Our fund provides players with bankrolls and takes % of their winnings for this - THIS IS CALLED BACKING.

Professional poker has been around for many years. And over the years, a lot of highly specialized professional software has been created. The programs record all the hands played and give statistics on them, calculate the mathematical expectation of income. Our foundation is a team of professionals with vast experience. Therefore, we can accurately determine by the player's statistics how much he can earn and invest only in profitable players. Most of the team members and founders are professional players themselves, so we understand the specifics of the market well and can earn on this activity, generating income for our investors.

In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”



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