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Professional HUD Spin & Go

from VPluse school for PT4

for poker players of all limits


We bring to your attention two Spin & Go heads "VPluse 3max" and "VPluse HU" for Pokertracker 4.

Huds were developed in cooperation with regulars from 7-30 limits (coaches from the VPluse school), and the wishes of many other regular players in this discipline were taken into account.

You don't have to create or search for stats for non-standard (or even unique) actions of your opponents - we've taken care of that! Huds have over 500 custom stats , so you can analyze all the information you need in real time.

Both had a unique design . Stat groups in them are divided by the main necessary positions in preflop and postflop stages, namely:


  • BU

  • SBvsBU

  • SBvsBB

  • BBvsBU

  • BBvsSB


  • SB

  • BB

  • SB (limp-pot)

  • BB (limp-pot)

The panels are painted in light colors (BU - blue, BB - orange, SB - green), and the stat groups themselves are cross-styled in dark shades. This makes the game as comfortable as possible, and your gaze will not miss a single important action of your opponent.


What makes our Huds different from competitors:

  • The presence of all the necessary stats;

  • Breakdown by position - everything is before your eyes;

  • Unique statistics - you will not find more than a third of the stat anywhere else;

  • Benefit - in the set you get 2 heads for the price of one;

  • Product support and development.


But apart from that, the kit includes lightweight versions of extended hads (3max Lite and HU Lite). In PT4, starting from version 4.15.7 there is a built-in Hud switching function, which you can configure according to this instruction


Spin & Go HUD Purchase Requests

you can request a trial on the pokerpopup website

or by writing to us on skype: vpluseteam

Still have questions?

write to us on Skype: vpluseteam

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